Taliah waajid apple and aloe conditioner 12oz

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Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition After Shampoo Conditioner 12oz Taliah Waajid™ Green Apple & Aloe is a nutritive hair care regimen that strengthens and moisturizes the hair while remaining gentle enough for daily use. Sulfate-free with vitamins, fiber, and protein for supreme softness, effective cleansing, and moisture retention. What It Does: Taliah Waajid™ Green Apple & Aloe, Apple Nutrition After Shampoo Conditioner softens hair on contact. This beautifully created conditioner feeds your strands nutrients that help strengthen your hair while leaving it manageable, soft, and well-conditioned. How To Use: Directions: Apply to clean, towel-dried hair. Separate hair into 5 or more sections. Apply Green Apple & Aloe After Shampoo Conditioner to hair to each section from roots to ends. Finger-massage through/into hair strands. Leave for 15 minutes or more. No longer than 30 minutes. Rinse, style hair. Follow up-to style with choices of Green Apple & Aloe Curl Definer, Green Apple & Aloe Curl Elixer or Green Apple & Aloe Hold Me Down Gelle.

  • Green Apple Nutrients
  • Strengthen and balance pH level for optimal hair and scalp health
  • Aloe Nutrients
  • Avocado Oil
  • Repair hair and scalp
  • Moisturize and soften hair
  • Nutrient-rich with vitamins (A, B, C, E), fiber, protein, and antioxidants to achieve your strongest, healthiest hair
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