4 things that are ruining your wash day.

4 things that are ruining your wash day.
Authored By Kai Hodge

If wash day has been a grueling part of your week, you’re not alone. Having to spend time getting your hair back in a manageable state and style it just to have it become dry immediately after, can be both disappointing and frustrating. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of mistakes that you’re probably making to cause your hair to dry out quickly. And, these bad habits will be easy to break. 

You’re washing your hair incorrectly. 

You may have been conditioned to wash your hair by rubbing it around your head, but that’s actually not the correct method and can be harmful to your hair. Not only does this cause your hair to tangle, but it can also make it become very dry afterward. Instead, try stroking your hair downwards to encourage your cuticle to lay flat. And, when washing your scalp, be gentle and massage your scalp with one hand while holding the ends of the hair with the other. Try using  Taliah Waajid Total Body Shampoo for great results. 

You are deep conditioning before you cleanse. 

Although some people may think it’s OK to deep condition prior to cleansing your hair, conditioners are always to be used after washing your hair — not before. Deep conditioners help replenish and seal in moisture for your tresses and if you are deep conditioning prior to cleansing your hair, you are undoing all the work you put in. Be sure to find a conditioner that adds extra moisture if you are still dealing with dry hair after your wash and condition. Aunt Jackie's Curls and Coils Rescued! Thirst Quenching Recovery Conditioner is a great option. 

You’re not using a leave-in conditioner. 

After washing and conditioning your hair, using a leave-in — like our Cantu Avocado Leave In Conditioner — or a moisturizer is pivotal to maintain moisture. Applying the leave-in or moisturizer while your hair is wet or damp will help lock in the moisture that your hair craves. 

You don’t seal your hair after you apply your product. 

Although the L.O.C. Method may not be for everyone, if you are using that method, sealing your hair with the right oil — depending on your hair type — can change the level of moisture your hair has. This method helps your hair to reduce the loss of moisture that you may typically encounter after wash day.



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