Sensationnel Curls Kinks & Co 100% Human Hair Clip On 9 Pcs - HH 4C CLIQUE

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The curls kinks & co. collection celebrates the versatility and styles that make natural hair so unique. These 100% human hair clip ins from CKCo are created wit you in mind. Designed to mimic 4c, 3c, and blown out natural hair: they are full bodied, lightweight, and easy to blend 4c CLIQUE
  • For Type 4 Naturals Who Say "Go Big Or Go Home." These Pillowy Strands Are 4C Goals
  • Blends with natural hair
  • Adds volume and length
  • Secure silicone lined clips
  • 1 piece: 9" Wefts
  • 2 piece: 7" Wefts
  • 4 piece: 5" Wefts
  • 2 piece: 3" Wefts
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