Satin pillow cover

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  • Sizes and Package: Alexandra’s Secret Home Collection offering Standard Size - (20" X 30") and King Size - (20" X 40") Satin Pillowcases set of 2 (one pair) in sizes and colors at your choice.
  • Closure Style: Our Envelop closure is positioned about 4.5" from the edge of pillowcase backside to form a perfect closure and prevents your pillows slipping out of your pillowcase during your sweet dreams.
  • EXPERIENCE ANOTHER LEVEL OF COMFORT. Sleep like royalty on our silkiest, softest shimmering fabric. The breathability of our satin pillowcase is unprecedented, letting warm air pass through in the warmer months, yet comfortable in the cold as well brings you an experience of sleeping on a cooling pillow. Enjoy these premium quality polyester fabric covers and expect optimal softness, and natural beauty benefits.
  • CARESS YOUR HAIR AND SKIN. Wake up on a different level with our incredibly gentle fabrics. Other rougher fabrics like cotton pillowcases can rob your hair and precious skin of its’ natural oils. Our pillowcases are not only designed to carry you into a soft slumber, but also naturally reduce friction on your most important and vulnerable features, making this set an essential for daily self-care. Above all, your hair and skin will thank you for making this luxury a part of your beauty routine.
  • EXCEPTIONAL CONSTRUCTION. Enjoy the delicacy of our fabric alongside its’ durability. Our satin pillow cases for skin are carefully woven, smooth to the touch, but will last the test of time. As always, our pillowcase is wrinkle, stain, shrink and fade resistant. Just Wash Cold and Tumble Dry low for care.
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